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Samsung Product - Video Door Phone Security System
  • Remote door lock release function
  • Smart design and simple push button operation
  • High quality 1/3 CCD camera with Infrared Illuminators
  • Optional SVM-410 Memory unit enables to record 32 frames
  • Simple Installation
  • Solid active semiconductor
  • Infrared LED built-in
  • 1/3 solid active element
  • Elegant design

Security Alarm - Phone Dialer System
  • Verbal reporting of 2 separate events
  • Reporting to up to 4 telephone numbers or 2 pagers (numeric and voice).
  • Voice message recorded by user own voice in any language.
  • Easy reprogramming of telephone numbers and pagers using built-in keyboard.
  • Pulse or DTMF dialing in accordance with local telephone networks.
  • Called party "listening in" function following receipt of alert.
  • Power supply: 12 VDC.
  • Easy integration into alarm control panels and other systems.
  • Approved for use by local authorities in many countries.
  • Takes video from CATV or antenna input, audio/video signals from 2 video sources and modulates them to user-selected channels for up to 5 TV locations
  • Upgradeable to provide infrared remote control
  • Tuning range: UHF 14V64, CATV 65V125
  • Using RG-6 coax cable, the output can be connected to 5 TVs: 2 TVs within 35' and 3 TVs within 150'
  • Frequency-agile tuning

Chime InterCom by AIPHONE is a set with a Door Station (CC-DA) and an Inside Room Master Station (CC-1M), powered by an AC transformer.
AIPHONE - Secure Door Answering System (Chime Intercom)
  • Press-to-talk door answering with automatic shut-off
  • Second inside room station (CC-1M) available (separate power supply PT-1210N required)
  • Backlit CALL button
  • CHIME and VOICE volume controls
  • Powered by AC transformer

Optex - 70' Outdoor Dual Photoelectric Beam Detectors
  • The "99% Solution" Twin Beam Photoelectric Detectors Compact design, indoor/outdoor use Reliably withstands as much as 99% loss of beam energy.
  • Two synchronized beams of pulsed infrared energy.
  • Maximum arrival distance is 10 times longer than rated operating distance.
  • Two beams of pulsed infrared energy provide reliable operation despite as much as 99% blockage of beam energy caused by heavy rain, dust storm, fog, or falling snow.
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit continually monitors gradual changes in signal strength caused by weather conditions and adjusts the trigger level accordingly, to maintain proper sensitivity.

Channel Plus - Dual Channels Digital Modulator CCTV Video Distribution Hub
  • All-in-one system
  • Dual input modulator: 2-in, 5-out modulator
  • Triple input system that accepts either an antenna input or A/V signals from 2 sources & modulates them to user-selected channels that can be seen at up to 5 TV locations
  • 5V infrared capable with optional MPT2133 Whole-House IR Remote Control Receiver & MPT2173 IR Remote Emitter/Repeater
  • Tuning range: CATV 65-125, excluding 95-99 & UHF 14-64
  • Includes power supply

DSC - Single Channel Digital Modulator for Home CCTV
  • One channel monaural audio/video modulator
  • Frequency agile installer selectable channel
  • Adds RF (video) signal from security cameras or other video sources
  • Covers UHF 14 to 78 and CATV 65 to 135 (except 95 to 99)
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