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A Point of Sale (POS) system is usually used in a retail environment to replace a cash register. It is typically linked to inventory control. However, a POS system provides more information on sales than what is possible with cash registers. Use our POS system for your Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer application. We carry POS for retails and POS for restaurants.

Good mix of features, simplicity and price
Our POS software has proven track record. It has big business features, yet it is easy to learn, simple to use. It cuts down on your training and cost. Our POS for restaurant can be 100% touch screen operated.

Multi language Support
Our POS for restaurant supports English, Spanish and Chinese. It can take order in English, Spanish, Chinese and sends order to kitchen staff in your chosen language.

Wireless POS for restaurants
Our POS for restaurant carries a wireless PDA edition which allows you to take/edit order directly and automatically sends the order to the kitchen/bar. This will increase your customer service and operational efficiency.

Support multiple locations
Our POS allows you to collect the daily operations data at multiple stores/restaurants locations at your central head office through the Internet.

Support multi currency and multi registers
Our POS supports multi stations in a network environment. Currency can be different from the default currency and exchange rate can be edited daily.

Staff management, sales analysis
You can use our POS for staff management. The detailed sales reports, inventory reports provide you updated information for sales decision and not just for inventory.

Import, export data
Our retail POS can integrate with QuickBooks. Data can be exported to many software packages including MS-Excel, MS-Access and MS-FoxPro.

Manage clients, suppliers
Easy access to the records of clients, suppliers and invoices.

Built in data backup, restore and rebuild
Built in functions for automatic data backup, restore and rebuild of database.

Security to limit access to your system. Ability to roll back sales or inventory in case of errors.

We Make Full Features POS Affordable To Small Business.
Our System Ends Your Shopping For A POS. CALL FOR A FREE DEMO!

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